September 19, 2011

City of Walcott September 19, 2011

The semi-monthly meeting of the City Council of Walcott, Iowa, was held on Monday, the 19th day of September, 2011. Mayor Jim Couper called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Council members present were: Larry Koberg, Tim Koehler, John Kostichek, Jackie Puck, and Jacob Puck. City employees present: J. Brockmann, L. Rickertsen, J. Blake, T. Schirman, and J. Hahn.

Koehler moved and Koberg seconded to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Public Hearing. Mayor Couper opened the public hearing on the plans and specifications for the Flagg Street Paving Project. No written or oral comments were received. Koberg moved and Jackie Puck seconded to close the public hearing and resume the regular meeting. Motion carried.

Audience. Jon White, Jason Holdorf, Kris Burt, Rudy Arp, Virgil Lund, and Jim Kuehl.

Consent Agenda. Koberg stated the minutes from the last meeting should be corrected to reflect the approval of minutes was from the August 15th meeting. Koehler moved and Jacob Puck seconded to approve the consent agenda including the invoices, minutes, and August 2011 financial reports. Motion carried.

RAGBRAI Update. Kris Burt provided a financial report of the RAGBRAI event. She reported that seven local organizations will split the profits. Mayor Couper thanked Burt for her successful organization of the event.

Resolution 2011-45, Approving Plans & Specifications for W. Flagg Street. Puck moved and Koberg seconded to approve Resolution 2011-45. Roll call ayes: Jackie Puck, Koberg, Kostichek, Koehler, & Jacob Puck.

Recreational Trail & Park Project.

  • Punch List. Engineer, Jon White, reported on the meeting with the contractor regarding the project punch list. Discussion was held on the proposed resolutions for each punch list item. Questions arose and discussion was held on why the clay liner was not installed in the pond. Committee Member, Jason Holdorf, reported on the progress of the seeding and establishment of plantings.
  • Gazebo & Amenities. Attorney Schirman reported that no timely bids were received and the Iowa Code allows the city to negotiate a contract with contractors regularly engaged in such work after making a good faith effort to obtain quotes. Following discussion, Koehler moved and Koberg seconded to allow the staff to move forward with purchasing amenities and obtaining quotes from specialized contractors. Motion carried.

Vision Committee. Kostichek moved and Koberg seconded to allow the Vision Committee to proceed with obtaining information regarding the Main Street Iowa Program. Motion carried.

Property for Sewer Lift Station Project. Attorney Schirman stated the appraiser is meeting with the property owners on September 20th and the appraisal should be available for the next regular meeting.

Real Estate Offers : Resolution 2011-46, Approving Purchase Offer with Charles and Sandra Witt. Rickertsen reported on the counter offer from Charles & Sandra Witt on their property located at the north-west corner of Lincoln & Main Streets. Discussion was held on the status of the property at 106 W. Lincoln Street and the intended use of the properties. Following discussion, Kostichek moved and Koehler seconded to approve Resolution 2011-46, with the offer being contingent upon the City acquiring the property at 106 W. Lincoln Street. Roll call ayes: Kostichek, Koehler, Koberg, Jackie Puck, and Jacob Puck. Motion carried. Brockmann distributed information on the IDNR Derelict Building Grant Program. Further information on the program will be obtained.

Fire Department Report. Chief Hahn was present to request permission to close E. Bryant Street from Main Street to Henry Street for the Fire Department Steak Fry on October 1, 2011. Koehler moved and Koberg seconded to approve closing E. Bryant Street between Main Street and Henry Street on October 1, 2011. Motion carried. Hahn also requested payment to Kalmes Catering for the steaks. Koberg moved and Jacob Puck seconded to approve payment to Kalmes Catering, not to exceed $7,500. Chief Hahn stated the remaining steaks will either be auctioned during the event or purchased by the Fire Department Association. Kostichek questioned how the new Scott County emergency system is affecting the department. Discussion was held on the problems that both the fire and police departments are having with the new system. Rickertsen reported the County Supervisors have asked to attend the October 17th at which time the concerns could be discussed with them. Mayor Couper requested both department document further issues with the system.

Police Department Report. Chief Blake reported on the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau multi-jurisdictional enforcement event that occurred in Walcott on September 9th.

Public Work's Report. Brockmann presented updates on current projects, including the North Downey Street and Fire Department Expansion projects. Mayor Couper requested the council be updated at the end of each week with any project issues.

City Clerk's Report. Rickertsen discussed the updated job descriptions for employees. Jackie Puck moved and Jacob Puck seconded to approve Resolution 2011-47, Approving Job Descriptions. Roll call ayes: Jackie Puck, Jacob Puck, Koberg, Kostichek, and Koehler. Motion carried. A special meeting was scheduled for October 24th at 5:30 p.m. to discuss possible code changes.

Koberg moved and Jackie Puck seconded to adjourn at 8:00 p.m. Motion carried. All votes on motions were unanimous, unless noted.

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