Walcott Public Works Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Public Works Department to enhance the quality of life for Walcott residents by efficiently delivering high quality public services and to continually innovate ways to improve the reliability, sustainability, and cost effectiveness of the services we provide.


The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 32 lane miles of streets within the City of Walcott.


The Public Works Department operates and maintains a water treatment plant, 2 wells, 500,000-gallon water tower, and nearly 17 miles of water main that serves the majority of the Iowa 80 Truck stop and surrounding businesses in addition to the residents of Walcott.


The Public Works Department operates and maintains an activated sludge mechanical treatment plant with a 2,400,000-gallon per day design capacity and a collection system consisting of nearly 16 miles of sanitary sewer main that serves the Iowa 80 Truck stop and surrounding businesses in addition to the residents of Walcott.


Snow Removal:

All public sidewalks adjoining your property must be shoveled as soon as possible after each snowfall. Typically, inspections will be performed on the first business day 24-hours after each snowfall. You will receive one notification letter each season before the City will shovel your walk for you and bill you for the service. Please make arrangements to have your walks shoveled if you will be away for an extended period during the winter.

Snow and ice removed from sidewalks and driveways must not be disposed of in streets or alleys. Property owners on corner lots are asked to keep access ramps open so all citizens are able to use the sidewalks. Also, for your safety, clear snow away from any fire hydrants.

Snow Emergency:

A snow emergency will automatically go into effect when snow accumulation reaches two inches. The snow emergency will stay in effect until the streets have been cleared.

Vehicles are not allowed to be parked on any public street during a snow emergency, except in certain designated angle parking areas. This exception does not include the north side of the 100 block of East Bryant Street.

Vehicles illegally parked on city streets during a snow emergency will be subject to towing and/or a ticket.


Walcott’s water plant, two wells, and a 500,000-gallon spheroid water tower went online October 21, 1997, and serves the majority of the Iowa 80 Truckstop and surrounding businesses in addition to the residents of Walcott.

The City flushes hydrants in the spring and fall, typically in April and October. Flushing of hydrants starts near the water treatment plant. City staff work their way out toward the perimeter of the distribution system operating valves and flushing water mains. Customers may notice decreased water pressure or discoloration of water. This is a temporary situation resulting from flushing sediment out of the pipes. Should you experience cloudy or discolored water, shut the water off and wait several minutes then run the cold water for a few minutes for the water to clear up. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this maintenance activity.

Sewer & Solid Waste

The City of Walcott has an Aero-Mod packaged, activated sludge, mechanical treatment plant with a 2,400,000 gallon per day design capacity. The collection system is made up of nearly 60,000 lineal feet of sanitary sewer main including the Iowa 80 Truckstop and surrounding businesses.

Garbage & Recycling

  • Garbage Collection: Garbage is picked up on Mondays. All garbage must be in the provided container and placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. If New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, or Christmas Day falls on a Monday garbage will be picked up on Tuesday. If you have bulky items or extra trash that will not fit in your regular garbage tote, you may contact City Hall at 563.284.6571 x10 to arrange for curbside collection. The fee for collection will be added to your next City utility bill. Fees start at $10 and vary, depending on items collected. You may also take those items to the Scott Area Landfill at 11555 110th Avenue, Davenport, IA. For their hours and fees, you can visit their website at www.wastecom.com or call at 563.381.1300. There is no charge to dispose of residential electronic or household hazardous waste at Scott County’s facility at 5650 Carey Avenue, Davenport, IA.
  • RecyclingRecycling is picked up every other Monday. All recyclables must be cleaned and placed in the provided container and placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. No sorting is necessary.     2024 Recycling Calendar & Garbage Info
  • Appliances, Electronics, & Large Items: Set by the curb and call City Hall at 563.284.6571 x10 to arrange for pickup. Disposal fees start at $10.00 and vary, depending on items collected. A fee of $15.00 is required for TVs, copiers and monitors. Residents can also dispose of E-Waste (defined as anything with a screen or circuit board) and household hazardous waste for free at the Scott County Electronic Demanufacturing Facility at 5650 Carey Avenue in Davenport.  Check their website for drop off hours.
  • Construction/Demolition MaterialsThese materials must be disposed of in a dumpster rented from a private garbage hauler or taken to the Scott County Area Landfill.
  • TiresResidents are responsible for taking them to the Scott County Area Landfill.
  • Compost Area: This area is for Walcott residents only. Leaves, grass clippings, garden vegetation, and brush is accepted at this area. Do not leave grass or leaves in bags at the area.
  • Fall Leaf Collection: Every Tuesday & Friday Fall leaf collection typically starts in October for Walcott residents. Leaves should be curbside by 8:00 a.m., in bags and tied shut. DO NOT include sticks, garden vegetation, or grass with the leaves.
  • Wednesday Brush Collection: Brush collected at the curb each Wednesday must not be larger than 6” diameter and 4’ length. Smaller sticks must be tied or placed in a container to be emptied. Please have small brush and sticks at the curb by 8:00 a.m. All tree limbs must be cut to four-foot lengths, bundled and tied. The City will not accept yard waste in plastic bags, tree limbs over four feet in length, any yard waste not in a container, or any containers that weigh over fifty pounds per container.
  • Motor Oil: May be brought to the Public Works Department for recycling.
  • Burning: Open burning is not permitted within city limits, with the exception of the burning of natural wood or charcoal in a permanent or portable outdoor fireplace specifically designed for cooking or recreational purposes is allowed.
Parks & Recreation

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Paul Stagg, Public Works Director
Email: pstagg@cityofwalcott.com

212 W. Lincoln Street
PO Box 247
Walcott, IA 52773

Phone: 563.284.6571 x11

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