Welcome to Walcott! The following contains information when moving to Walcott. If you have any questions, please call City Hall at 563.284.6571 x10.

The non-city utilities listed below are services that have a franchise with the City of Walcott or have a branch/office located in Walcott city limits.  Internet, cable and/or phone services may be available from other providers not listed.

Alliant Energy

New Service: 800.822.4348
Power Outages: 800.255.4268

Alliant Energy is the electrical provider. You can also call or visit their website at www.alliantenergy.com to report street light outages.

Century Link


Internet and telephone services

City Hall

128 W. Lincoln Street
PO Box 247
Walcott, IA 52773
563.284.6571 x10

The City of Walcott provides the following utility services: water, sewer, garbage and recycling collection. Pet licensing and building permits are also required. For additional information, visit these links:
Building Department | City Clerk Dept | Utility Sign Up Form


207 S. Main St
Walcott, IA 52773
563.285.4794 ext. 5

Our Library is a branch of the Scott County Library System.



Internet, telephone, and cable services

MidAmerican Energy

Gas Leaks: 800.595.5325

Night Owl Wireless

521 N. Main St
Walcott, IA 52773

Wireless Internet

Business & Residential Internet and Business Phone


Police Department

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: 563.284.6672
Dispatch: 563.388.3905

Our Police Department is dispatched through the Scott County Sheriff’s Department. Any time you need emergency police assistance call 911. If a Walcott Police Officer is on duty he will respond, otherwise the Sheriff’s Department will be dispatched. You can also call the Scott County Sheriff’s office at 563.388.3905 if you need police services.

Scott County Departments

Administrative Center
600 W. 4th St
Davenport, IA 52801

Auditor : 563.326.8631 : Elections & voter registration
Assessor : 563.326.8635 : Property records
Treasurer : 563.326.8664 : Pay property taxes & vehicle registration
Recorder : 563.326.8621 – Records, marriage licenses, etc.

U.S. Post Office

117 E. Bryant St
Walcott, IA 52773

Walcott School

545 E. James St
Walcott, IA 52773

Our school is part of the Davenport Community School District system and serves students grades kindergarten through 8th. Students in grades 9-12 attend West High School in Davenport.

Waste Commission of Scott County

5650-5640 Carey Ave
Davenport, IA 52807

For information regarding electronics and hazardous waste disposal, please visit:

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