December 4, 2023 Minutes

City of Walcott December 4, 2023

The semi-monthly meeting of the City Council of Walcott, Iowa, was held on Monday, December 4, 2023, at Walcott City Hall. Mayor John Kostichek called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Council members present: Everett Bieri, Kirk Koberg, Harry Knutsen, Lisa Mengler, and Jacob Puck. Staff present: Jeff Blake, Lisa Rickertsen, and Paul Stagg.

Approval of Agenda. Puck moved and Mengler seconded to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Consent Agenda. Koberg moved and Knutsen seconded to approve the consent agenda including the invoices and minutes from November 20, 2023. Motion carried.   

Park Board Recommendations.

  • Acceptance of Flag Poles Donation at Victory Park from Walcott American Legion. Puck moved and Bieri seconded to accept the donation of two flag poles from the Walcott American Legion for Victory Park. Motion carried. 

Review of Chapter 75, All-Terrain and Off-Road Utility Vehicles. Rickertsen reported on concerns from the City Attorney regarding council’s direction to change the City Code to allow ATV’s on Plainview Road, Walcott Road, and Blue Grass Road. Chief Blake reported the Code of Iowa allows ATV’s to drive on two lane roads over the most direct and accessible route (to and from the nearest allowed County or City road or from residence). Following discussion, Koberg moved and Knutsen seconded to proceed with the code changes to Chapter 75 as discussed. Motion carried. 

Review of Capital Improvement Projects. Stagg reviewed the proposed water, sewer, and streets capital improvement projects. Council was asked to rank the projects prior to the next meeting.

Resolution 2023-49, Accepting Improvements for the 2023 W. Otis Street Reconstruction Project. Mengler moved and Puck seconded to approve Resolution 2023-49. Roll call ayes: Mengler, Puck, Bieri, Knutsen, and Koberg. Motion carried.       

Police Department Report. Blake reported he has left messages but has not received any communication from the dealer (Stew Hansen Dodge) on the squad that was ordered in October 2022.

City Clerk Report. Rickertsen presented election certificates and administered the oath of office to Council Members Bieri, Mengler, and Puck. These members were elected for another four-year term.

Puck moved and Mengler seconded to adjourn at 6:55 p.m. Motion carried. All votes on motions were unanimous, unless noted. 

December 4, 2023 Signed Minutes & Claims

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