December 3, 2012

City of Walcott December 3, 2012

The semi-monthly meeting of the City Council of Walcott, Iowa, was held on Monday, the 3rd day of December, 2012, at Walcott City Hall. Mayor Jim Couper called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Council members present were: Tim Koehler, John Kostichek, Lisa Mengler, Jackie Puck, and Jacob Puck. Absent: None. City employees present: Lisa Rickertsen, Jeff Blake, Tom Schirman, and Joe Hahn.

Mengler moved and Koehler seconded to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Consent Agenda. Jackie Puck moved and Kostichek seconded to approve the consent agenda including the invoices and minutes from November 19, 2012. Motion carried.

Audience. Wayne Latimer, Perry Gere, John Wegener, and Recreational Trail Committee members: Chad Burt, Lee Muller, Brenda Thrapp, Jason Holdorf, and Brent Puck.

1113 N. Main Street. Architect, Perry Gere, presented updated costs for the proposed building renovation project at 1113 N. Main Street. He is estimating the base renovation cost at $1,092,451. Alternates, not included in the cost, include basement renovation and additional parking lot paving with a 2″ overlay with curb & gutter, at an additional cost of $174,980, bringing the total estimated cost to $1,267,431 if both alternates are completed. These are renovation costs only and do not include the purchase price of the property. At this time, it is unknown what the costs of any asbestos removal in the building will be. No action was taken as council requested time to review the information.

Recreational Trail Committee. Committee co-chair, Chad Burt, thanked the council for their support of the project which was kicked off in the fall of 2003. They will revisit the motorhome travelling along the trail at the next meeting. The committee’s term has come to an end as the project is considered complete. Burt also thanked the city staff for their support, committee members, businesses and individual support, capital campaign committee members, and all that participated in making the project a reality. Mayor Couper also thanked the committee members and presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Chad Burt, Dr. Mickey Burt, Jason Holdorf, Lee Muller, Brent Puck, and Brenda Thrapp. Mayor Couper also expressed his appreciation to Rickertsen and the Public Works Department for their assistance.

Council/Vision Committee Prioritizing Results. Rickertsen stated she spoke to the Vision Committee chair person about scheduling a joint meeting to review the results. Council agreed to wait until after the holidays before meeting with the Vision Committee. A meeting will be scheduled at a later date.

Resolution 2012-41, Approving Hourly Wage for Building/Code Enforcement Official. Mengler moved and Jacob Puck seconded to approve Resolution 2012-41. Roll call ayes: Mengler, Jacob Puck, Jackie Puck, Kostichek, and Koehler. Motion carried. Rickertsen reported that Building Official, Linda Rivers, started on November 20th.

Resolution Accepting Improvements & Authorizing Final Payment of the North Lift Station Improvements Project. Rickertsen reported there are concerns regarding the project trash basket and whether or not the issue with its operation is an engineering or contractor issue. Following discussion, Kostichek moved and Jackie Puck seconded to table the Resolution but authorize a payment in the amount of $17,170.90 to Jim Schroeder Construction. Koehler abstained due to conflict of interest since Koehler Electric is a subcontractor for the project. Motion carried. The payment amount is $1,000 less than the requested (final) amount.

Ordinance 460-12, Amending Provisions Pertaining to No Parking Zones. Kostichek introduced and moved to approve the first reading of Ordinance 460-12. Seconded by Jacob Puck. Roll call ayes: Kostichek, Jacob Puck, Mengler, Koehler, and Jackie Puck. Motion carried. This change adds No Parking Zones to the following locations: On the west side of South Henry Street between the railroad tracks to the intersection of East Bryant Street and on the east side of South Henry Street between East Bryant Street and East Durant Street.

Capital Improvements Planning. Rickertsen distributed proposed capital improvement projects and asked the Mayor and Council to rank and return them prior to the next meeting.

Fire Department Report. Chief Hahn presented a project worksheet to purchase an accountability system for the Fire Department. The system will provide added safety to fire personnel when operating on the fire scene. Jackie Puck moved and Kostichek seconded to approve the purchase as presented, at a cost of $592. Motion carried. Hahn reported the Fire Department officer election results for 2013 : Fire Chief : Joe Hahn, 1st Assistant : Josh Geigle, and 2nd Assistant : Jim Kirkley. Kostichek moved and Mengler seconded to appoint Joe Hahn as Fire Chief, term ending 12/31/13. Motion carried. Hahn reported the department has received 268 calls in 2012.

Police Department Report. Chief Blake presented a project worksheet for the purchase of three automated external defibrillators. The purchase will be fully funded by grant funds from Scott County Regional Authority. Koehler moved and Jacob Puck seconded to approve the purchase of three defibrillators from Physio-Control, Inc. at a cost of $5,446.25. Motion carried

City Clerk’s Report. Rickertsen reported on the building department activities for the month of November. She also reported the current TIF Rebate Policy program expires on December 31st. The topic will be on the December 17th agenda.

Mayor’s Report. Mayor Couper reported that he received notification from the Iowa Department of Transportation that they propose to let a patching project on I-80 from the Cedar County line east to the Mississippi River. The project is proposed for construction during 2013.

Old/New Business. John Wegener questioned if the City would be willing to vacate a platted street that runs east and west, south of Memorial Road through Wegener property. Additional information will be obtained for a future meeting.

Mengler moved and Jacob Puck seconded to adjourn at 7:20 p.m. Motion carried. All votes on motions were unanimous, unless noted.

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