September 20, 2021 Minutes

City of Walcott September 20, 2021

The semi-monthly meeting of the City Council of Walcott, Iowa, was held on Monday, the 20th day of September, 2021, at Walcott City Hall. Mayor John Kostichek called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Council members present: Everett Bieri, Kirk Koberg, Lisa Mengler, and Jacob Puck. Absent:  Larry Smith. City staff present: Jeff Blake, Paul Stagg, and Jackie Huston.

Approval of Agenda. Puck moved and Mengler seconded to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Introduction of Audience/Public Comments. Harry Knutsen, Keri Kraft, and Rhonda Brockmann.

Consent Agenda. Mengler moved and Bieri seconded to approve the consent agenda including the invoices, minutes from September 7, 2021, and August 2021 Financial Reports.  Motion carried.

Block Party Street Closure.  Rhonda Brockmann explained her request to close N. Henry Street from James Street to Meadow Lane on October 2nd from 4 – 7 p.m.  The intention is to have a block party with the neighborhood residents.  Mengler moved and Puck seconded to approve the closure of N. Henry Street from James Street to Meadow Lane from 4-7 p.m.  Motion carried.

Trick-or-Treating.  Keri Kraft, representing the Walcott Women of Today, explained their plans for a Halloween Parade on October 31st starting at 4 p.m. and going from Victory Park to the Walcott Legion.  They suggested Trick-or-Treating follow the parade from 5-7 p.m.  Mengler moved and Bieri seconded to set Trick-or-Treating for October 31st from 5-7 p.m., following the parade.  Motion carried.

Appointment to the Planning & Zoning Commission.  Mengler moved and Puck seconded to appoint Heidi Wulf to the P&Z Commission for a term ending 12/31/22.  Motion carried.

Handicapped Parking Sign on E. James Street.  Calvary United Methodist Church is requesting that this sign, erected around 1970, be removed, since they now provide several handicapped parking spots in the east parking lot which is adjacent to the handicapped entrance.  Bieri moved and Koberg seconded to remove the Disabilities Parking Sign in the 100 block of E. James Street.  Motion carried.

Memorial Road dust control. Mayor Kostichek stated that he and Puck had received complaints about the amount of dust coming from the graveled portion of W. Memorial Road. Following discussion, Koberg moved and Puck seconded to apply dust control on W. Memorial Road at the cost of approximately $2,000.  Motion carried.

Visit Quad Cities Annual Contribution.  Koberg moved and Bieri seconded to contribute $1,000 to Visit Quad Cities.  Motion carried.

IMEG Engineering Proposal.  Stagg presented a proposal to engineer ADA approved ramps for the four intersections on E. James Street.  Mengler moved and Bieri seconded to have IMEG engineer the ramps at a cost of $7,800.  Motion carried.

Ordinance 521-21, Amending Chapter 65, pertaining to Four-Way Stop Intersections. Mengler moved and Puck seconded to waive the second reading of Ordinance 521-21, establishing a 4-way stop at the intersection of Main and James Streets. Motion passed with a unanimous roll call vote.  Koberg moved and Mengler seconded to approve the 3rd and final reading of Ordinance 521-21 establishing a 4-way stop at the intersection of Main and James Streets.   Motion passed with a unanimous roll call vote.

City Code review, chapter 161, Storm Water Detention Facilities.  Huston explained the proposed changes by the City Engineer to this chapter.  Koberg questioned the design process for storm water detention areas and expressed his concerns about the detention basin south of the Coke Distribution facility.

Public Works Department Report.  Stagg presented a project worksheet for street repairs to the intersection of Sterling Drive and Iowa 80 Road (deteriorated concrete) and E. James Street (concrete damaged by a vehicle fire).  Mengler moved and Bieri seconded to approve the street repairs by Hoekstra Masonry for a total of $13,100.  Motion carried.

Stagg also reported on the following:

  • A water main break by the school that will require concrete replacement. Stagg thanked Needham Excavating for their prompt response in repairing the break.
  • The Victory Park concrete project should start by October 4th.
  • The City Engineer did not find the cause of the problems with W. Otis Street and will continue to determine the appropriate repairs.
  • He discussed how time consuming and difficult it is to keep Sterling Drive clear during snowfall. The IDOT pays farmers to leave 16 rows of corn adjacent to some roads to keep the snow from accumulating.  Stagg is suggesting that we offer an agreement to the farmer with a cornfield north of Sterling Drive to leave some corn standing during the winter, which will help with snow removal.  Cost would be $2 per bushel or approximately $3,200.  Council consensus was to have Stagg bring an agreement to the next meeting for approval.
  • S&V Fence replaced the guardrails over the Parker Street culvert with fencing and Stagg is planning on reinstalling the sidewalk sections over the Lincoln Street culvert.

Mayor’s Report.  The Mayor expressed his thanks to the Park Board for painting the Wescott Park concession stand.

Council Member Comments.  Bieri asked about the Recreational Trail bridge plank installation and Stagg reported that they should be installed within a month.  Bieri also asked about the replacement of the damaged windmill and Stagg replied that he had been looking for a heavier model.

Koberg moved and Mengler seconded to adjourn at 6:43 p.m. Motion carried. All votes on motions were unanimous, unless noted.

September 20, 2021 Signed Minutes & Claims


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