Walcott’s water plant, two wells, and a 500,000-gallon spheroid water tower went online October 21, 1997, and serves the majority of the Iowa 80 Truckstop and surrounding businesses in addition to the residents of Walcott.

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The City flushes hydrants in the spring and fall, typically in April and October. Flushing of hydrants starts near the water treatment plant. City staff work their way out toward the perimeter of the distribution system operating valves and flushing water mains. Customers may notice decreased water pressure or discoloration of water. This is a temporary situation resulting from flushing sediment out of the pipes. Should you experience cloudy or discolored water, shut the water off and wait several minutes then run the cold water for a few minutes for the water to clear up. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this maintenance activity.