Code Enforcement

All properties within the City of Walcott are required to meet the City of Walcott Code of Ordinances property maintenance codes.
Grass and Weeds -grass must be kept cut below 6″ on all residential and commercial properties within the city limits. Chapter 52




Junk Vehicles -all vehicles must display current plates or be legally in storage through the Scott County Treasurer’s Office. They must also be operational and in good repair. Wrecked or inoperable vehicles must be stored in an enclosed garage. Chapter 51




Public Nusiances -no property may have an accumulation of “junk” as defined by the Code of Ordinances or give off foul odors. Commercial properties are only allowed outside storage of materials pertinent to the operation of their business. Chapter 51




Dangerous Buildings -all buildings must be maintained in a condition safe for human use. Chapters 146 and 160




Sidewalk Repair/Replacement -property owners are responsible for maintaining adjoining public sidewalks. Public sidewalks must be repaired or replaced if they have trips hazards of 3/4″ or more, multiple cracks, significant spalling, or gaps of more than 1″ between sections. Chapter 136




Snow and Ice Accumulations : Iowa law and city ordinances require property owners to remove snow and ice accumulations from public sidewalks adjacent to their property. Chapter 136




Maintenance of Trees & Shrubs in Right-of-Way: property owners must maintain trees and shrubs overhanging adjacent public sidewalks and streets. Chapter 151


For more information about specific requirements for the enforcement of these codes, please see the referenced chapters in the Walcott City Code.