Walcott’s current water system went online October 21, 1997. We have two new wells at this site, which were drilled in 1995. Well #4 is 470 ft. deep and Well #5 is 455 ft. deep. The City has two water towers, one with a capacity of 500,000 gallons and one with a capacity of 75,000 gallons. Below are some photos and description of our facility.  2016 CCR Report

6 Our Water Treatment Plant has a capacity of 1,440,000 gallons per day.
4 Our filter has 4 cells in it that backwash one at a time. When one cell is “cleaning” the other three are still producing water for our residents. We will be able to add another cell in the future as our community grows, and we have the capability to add a 3rd well.
3 This photo contains what is called our “Pressure Reducing System”. This system was installed to reduce the pressure from the plant to the City.
2 This photo shows our piping and to the far right is the backwash pump. The other 3 pumps are for the production of water from the wells.
5 This is the “Computerized Control Room” that monitors the complete function of the system. Daily tests are required by the IDNR for the safety of our consumers. We treat our water with Chlorine and Potassium Permanganate.