Sewer & Solid Waste

Sewer System

Our Sanitary Sewer System is an Aero-Mod Mechanical Treatment Facility. It has a 1,300,000 gallon per day capacity. The City of Walcott, which includes the Interstate 80 businesses, is on this system.

Garbage & Recycling

  • Garbage Collection: Set your garbage container (blue container provided by Allied Waste) at the curb on Monday mornings. Our contractor, Allied Waste, recognizes six major holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Collection will run one day late if one of these holidays falls on a Monday.
  • Recycling: All recyclables must be cleaned and placed in the blue recycling cart supplied by Allied Waste. No sorting is necessary. Place cart at curb every other Monday morning by 6:00 a.m.2017 Recycling Calendar  2018 Recycling Calendar
  • Appliances & Electronics: Set by the curb and call City Hall at 563.284.6571 x10 for pickup. A disposal fee of $10.00 is required for most items. A fee of $15.00 is required for TV’s, copiers and monitors. Residents can also dispose of E-Waste (defined as anything with a screen or circuit board) for free at the Scott County Electronic Demanufacturing Facility at 1048 E. 59th Street in Davenport, Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m – 4:00 p.m.
  • Bulky Waste: Items such as couches, small pieces of carpet, etc. Set by curb and call Public Work’s Department at 563.284.6571 x11 for pickup.
  • Construction/Demolition Materials: These materials must be disposed of in a dumpster rented from a private garbage hauler or taken to the Scott County Landfill. Contact the Public Works Department for further information.
  • Tires: Residents are responsible for taking them to the Scott County Area Landfill.
  • Compost Area:  This area is for Walcott residents only. Only leaves, grass clippings, and garden vegetation is accepted at this area. Do not leave grass or leaves in bags at the area.
    • Brush Pick-Up:  Brush will be picked up at Walcott residences at the curb each Wednesday.  Branches should not be larger than 6″ in diameter and 4′ in length.  Smaller sticks must be tied or placed in a container to be emptied.  Please have it at the curb by 8:00 a.m.
    • Fall Pick-Up: Each fall we have a special program that allows the residents of Walcott to bag leaves from their lawns, and either take them to the compost area themselves for disposal or call Public Works for a pickup. If you take the leaves to the compost area yourself, you MUST NOT leave the bags or containers that you haul your leaves in there. Only dispose of the leaves in the area marked with a sign for them. DO NOT combine leaves and sticks in the same spot. Signs are posted for different materials.
  • Motor Oil: May bring to Public Works Department for recycling.
  • Burning: Open burning is not permitted within city limits but the burning of natural wood or charcoal in a permanent or portable outdoor fireplace specifically designed for cooking or recreational purposes is allowed.